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in our harbour

Please feel warmly welcome to stay overnight in our harbour, located only two nautical miles from the fairway between Helsinki and Hanko, in the beautiful archipelago of Ekenäs. Port service includes electricity, water, toilet, fuel, waste collection. You moor alongside the dock or by buoy. Please see harbour map and regulations here. Harbour fee is 15€/night by buoy (max 7 tons), 25€/night for longside mooring (max 15 tons), electricity 5€/night. Book & pay online.

Book & pay for your stay

Four archipelago images from Baggö Marina's boat harbour with boats in the harbour, wooden sailing ship, trawler and close-up of reed

Harbour number: 496 | Chart: B 635 | Depth: 8-11 m | Mooring: buoy/longside | Service: electricity, water, toilet, fuel, waste collection

59º53.320'N 23º30.740'E

“The Sea. It is my favorite thing, I think, that I have ever seen. Sometimes I catch myself staring at it and forget my duties. It seems big enough to contain everything anyone could ever feel.”

Anthony Doerr

About Baggö Marina

Baggö Marina is a harbour of 170 berths for seasonal renters and 13-15 guest boats mooring alongside the dock or by buoy. In addition to annual berths and guest mooring, seafarers are offered winter storage with boat and motor maintenance. During summertime boat hull cleaning is arranged weekly as an alternative to anti-fouling treatment. The harbour also has it's own small shop, BOKSI The Harbour Office, where you can find all things nice for summerlife at sea, the cottage or summer home as well as coffee, ice cream and delicious beverages.

Baggö Marina use municipal infrastructure, the hall is heated with geothermal heating and the area is illuminated by LED lighting. The car park has car spaces with charging posts and a fast charging station for electric vehicles.

Helsinki-Hanko fairway: 2 NM | Hanko: 21 NM | Helsinki: 52 NM | Ekenäs: 17 NM | Jussarö: 4,5 NM

Graafinen kuva tekstillä Uusi polttoaineasema kesä 2024

Fill up with 98 and Diesel

At our fuel station

We are building a fuel station, which will be completed for the boating season of 2024. Fill up with 98 and diesel right by the Helsinki-Hanko fairway! The station is deep and easily accessible. You can easily reach the station and comfortably refuel even with a larger motorboat. The station is only 2 nautical miles from the Helsinki-Hanko fairway, which means a 4-minute journey at a speed of 30 knots. The station is being constructed on the western side of the breakwater.

Check the location of the station on the map.

59º53.320'N 23º30.740'E

Baggövägen 1275, 10600 Ekenäs
Tel +358 (0)40 542 9062


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